"It can truly change the way you interact with your smartphone."

"Tech titan Kate Unsworth stuns in a blood red Ralph Lauren gown with a plunging neckline and pleats for days."

"Vinaya is revolutionising the way you communicate. Welcome Altruis."

"Vinaya uses machine learning to build profiles of users and their behavioural patterns."

"A start-up that makes hi-tech jewellery to help wearers switch off from the digital world has raised $3m from a range of high-profile investors."

"The world’s first designer biometric wearable that interprets your emotions, and allows you to share how you feel visually, in the form of art."

"A modern science hub that encourages cross-pollination of a range of expertise in order to better understand the human psyche."

"VOGUE Japan rates the design of ALTRUIS 5/5"

"Vinaya Gets $3M To Build Connected Tech That’s More Sensitive To Human Psychology."

"Fitness trackers are old hat. Wearable tech company Vinaya thinks that what the world really needs is a device that tracks your emotional and mental health."

"VINAYA Lab Explores What Happens When You Make Eye Contact With A Stranger."

"You seem out of touch with your emotions, let's get you a 'well-being' wearable."

"This concept is so scalable, it can revolutionize."

"Unlike in LA and NYC, there isn't really a mindfulness community in London. VINAYA has become that point of connection for so many people."

"Making 'smart tech' chic."

"Designer jewellery that will actually make you happier."

"Creating a new lexicon for emotional expression, VINAYA marks the first step in the transformation of wearables."

"Kate Unsworth is a 21st Century Hippy... There exists a new-age hippy mentality, less about bongs, more about business."

"Forbes 30 Under 30 - Kate Unsworth, founder and ceo vinaya"

"Vinaya takes a holistic approach to health monitoring by focusing on physical and emotional well-being."

"Unsworth is a British pioneer of the mindfulness movement and believes Apple’s new smartwatch could be its biggest failure."

"The mood ring got one-upped!"

"VINAYA Announces a Sparkling Line of Wellness Smart Jewelry With Crystals From Swarovski"

"Can a wearable bring emotional and physical well-being?"

"Technology should be used to create situations where people can connect with each other in a more meaningful way."

"Unsworth encapsulates the millennial spirit with a company that aims to address our obsession with technology, build a trustworthy brand and do good at the same time."

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"How to curb your smartphone addiction with a piece of jewellery."

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"Game- Changer: The Altruis Bracelet."

"Research and Design House is Decoding How Phones Impact Our Humanity."

"VINAYA cross-references smartphone data – including social media usage, calendar and location – with physiological cues collected through sensing technology."

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"How Vinaya is trying to build an emotional AI life coach with wearable tech."

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"Fall’s Colorful, Statement-Making Furs, and What to Wear With Them."

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